Villa Teranga

Discover Your Oasis in Accra

Villa Teranga, set in the heart of Accra, stands as a beacon of Ghanaian hospitality and luxury. Here, we blend the rich, cultural heritage of Ghana with the contemporary comforts of today's world, creating an ambiance that's uniquely ours.

Whether you're exploring the rhythms of the city or seeking a tranquil escape, Villa Teranga is your perfect home away from home in Accra.

Villa Teranga, nestled in the vibrant pulse of Accra, represents more than just a stay - it's an experience. As a boutique hotel, we pride ourselves on fusing the rich cultural tapestry of Ghana with contemporary comforts, ensuring a stay that is both authentically African and luxuriously comfortable. Accra is not just Ghana's capital but the gateway to the nation's soul. A trip here promises the rhythm of traditional drums, the taste of sumptuous local cuisine, and a view into history with every step. At Villa Teranga, we place you at the epicenter of this experience, offering an unmatched immersion into Accra's charm, wrapped in world-class hospitality.

Villa Teranga



"At Villa Teranga, every sunset paints a story, every room holds a promise, and every moment whispers the timeless allure of Accra. Embark on a journey, not just to a destination, but to an emotion, a feeling, a home away from home."

- Unknown